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Cares Bill: What You Need To Know

Thursday, February 13, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Blake Manz
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The Wisconsin CARES Act is legislation carefully crafted to modernize WI’s PA practice laws which have been largely un-updated since the 1970’s despite significant changes to the practice of medicine creating unnecessary barriers to care for WI citizens.

Why Do We Need CARES?

  • Laws have been un-updated since the 1970’s

  • Current laws cause undue administrative burdens simply because they have been allowed to become outdated, these barriers have never been demonstrated to increase patient safety

  • The burdens of our current laws mean that PAs have localized to urban areas defeating the purpose of the profession which was created to address provider shortages in rural areas

  • There is significant downward pressure on the PA profession driving our new graduates and experienced PAs out of the State to surrounding states with improved practice laws

    • Employers frequently report that they want to be able to post their open positions for BOTH PAs and NPs but have found it is too difficult to hire PAs due to the administrative burdens in our current laws

  • Allowing PAs, a proven and trusted member of the Wisconsin healthcare system to work to their full potential means increased access to high quality care for Wisconsin’s citizens during an unprecedented provider shortage in the state.

What Will The CARES Act Accomplish

  • Update Physician/PA relationship from "supervision" to "collaboration"

  • Eliminate language that implies physician liability for PA care

  • Scope of practice determined by PA’s individual education, training, and experience

  • Eliminate ratio requirements to increase flexibility at practice level

  • Authorize PAs to participate in disaster/volunteer activities without specific physician collaboration but within a PA’s scope

  • Allow PAs to self-govern their profession

  • Allow PAs to be self-employed

  • Allow recognition of federal supremacy for PAs employed by the VA and Uniformed Services