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The November Elections, PA Practice Law, and You

Thursday, September 24, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Blake Manz
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The election season is upon us. And no matter what your affiliation, the election outcomes will have an effect on PA practice law!

As you know, last spring the Wisconsin Assembly passed the Collaboration and Rural Expansion of Services (CARES) act that WAPA has been working tirelessly to pass for the past several years. Sadly, Covid ended the legislative session prematurely and the Senate did not take the opportunity to concur the bill. This means that either: 1) the Senate will choose to vote on it during the lame duck session which takes place right after the November elections; or 2) the bill will have to be reintroduced in both the Assembly and the Senate in the 2021 legislative session. Of course, WAPA is hoping is hoping that the Senate will choose the former. Therefore, WAPA urges you to contact your Senator directly via phone or email and ask him or her to ensure that AB575/SB515, the Wisconsin CARES act, is acted upon yet in 2020. Here is a sample letter to your Senator.

What does this have to do with the November elections? It’s important to know where your state legislator stands on our bill before you vote. While the Wisconsin CARES act is only one piece of the legislative puzzle to consider when casting your vote, it is an important one that will have a direct impact on the sustained employability of PAs in the state. We are already at a competitive disadvantage because of antiquated supervision requirements and the inability to regulate our own profession. Meanwhile, nurse practitioners are seeking full independent practice in the state. We must make sure that our legislators remain aware of the contributions that PAs make to the health care system, our rigorous training, and ability to solve the provider shortage crisis in rural and underserved areas!

To support legislators that support PAs, WAPA urges you to donate to the WAPA PAC. The PAC gives PAs a voice in the Wisconsin political arena, which is more important now than it ever has been! Your contributions help support candidates for office that have a record of supporting issues important to PAs. The PAC is funded by separate donations, not WAPA dues. If every PA in the state donated just $50/year, our voice would rival that of many opposing groups. It’s easy to do. Just click here 

WAPA has every hope that our practice modernization act will pass in 2020. But we need your help! Please take a moment of your time to support your profession. WAPA and your PA colleagues thank you!