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UW Madison Program Updates

Tuesday, February 17, 2015  
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UW-Madison PA Program Updates


Tara Streit, PA-S, Karla Wethal, PA-S and Lauren Ziebol, PA-S, UW-Madison Student Representatives


With the commencement of spring semester, clinical year students are continuing to enjoy a wide range of experiences in their rotations. They are currently finishing up their 4th rotation and are eager to venture into their 5th and final rotation of their choosing.  One clinical year student is enjoying a newly created rotation in Hematology and Oncology where her preceptors emphasize using evidence based medicine to treat their patients. Many of the patients she sees are encouraged to join clinical research trial that may lead to new future treatments. Not only is she practicing how to manage complicated patients, she is gaining confidence in interpreting laboratory values. She is also able to learn from her preceptors how to discuss with patients difficult diagnoses and end of life therapies in a meaningful and respectful way.


In addition to rotations, clinical year students are busy preparing for the poster presentation of their capstone projects and next month they will attend an employment reception put on the by didactic year students.


The didactic year students are also getting more hands-on experience in their clinical skills lab. To date, they’ve tried their hands at suturing, lumbar punctures and chest tube placement. Future labs include casting, phlebotomy and intravenous drug administration, Foley catheterization and more!


Last month, a survivor of cardiac arrest came in to talk to the students and faculty about her experience and the effects it has had on her life. Students got the chance to ask questions of the team that worked with the survivor, which included a discussion regarding bystander chest compression and AED use. As a result of this discussion, many students and faculty have downloaded the free smartphone app called PulsePoint Response. The app was created with the intent to engage CPR-trained citizens within the community to save more lives by increasing the rate of bystander chest compressions and AED use in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. In February, the City of Madison Fire Department and Dane County EMS teamed up with Dane PulsePoint to launch the app in the Madison area.


Recently, a number of PA students participated in the first ever offering of BLSO (Basic Life Support in Obstetrics) to medical professional students sponsored by the UW-Madison Department of Family Medicine. The BLSO course is a one-day version of the ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics) which was co-developed in 1991 by none other than our very own PA program medical director, Dr. John Beasley. Some of the topics covered were normal labor, emergency prenatal assessment, shoulder dystocia, malpresentations, post partum hemorrhage, hypertensive emergencies, preterm labor, and neonatal resuscitation.


For our PA Program students, the learning opportunities are varied and numerous—all toward better professional preparation.