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Although originally male dominated and historically rooted in military medic training in the mid to late 1960s, 71% of all PAs are now women according to the American Academy of Physician Assistants(AAPA) 2013 survey. Other demographic data from the survey include an average age of clinically practicing PAs of 37; ethnicity 88% White, 5% Hispanic, 3.8 % Asian and 3% Black. 12% of PAs have some military experience. 22% of PAs work in rural settings. Mean hours worked per week is 41. The rank of PAs in clinical specialties include 32% primary care, 27% surgical subspecialties, 11% emergency medicine, 10% internal medicine subspecialties, 2% pediatrics and 18% other specialties.

41% of PAs reported spending 10% or less time with their supervising physician, and 71% reported spending 30% or less time with their supervising physician. 86% of PAs use electronic medical records. To see or download the entire 2013 AAPA Data Survey click the resource link below which will take you to our resource library.

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2013 AAPA Data Survey