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Hire a PA
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Why Hire a Physician Assistant?

By hiring a physician assistant, hospitals, practices, and clinics can function more fully and enhance access to care for your patients. Research has shown that physicians who employ PAs as part of their medical teams enjoy higher patient satisfaction levels, increased revenues, and more flexible work schedules, especially in solo-practice physician environments.

And for physicians, what can be better than having an extra pair of medically-trained eyes and hands assisting you? Imagine having extra hours in the week to research, concentrate on difficult cases, or take much-needed time away from the office. Visit What Physicians Should Know on this site for more information on how a PA in your practice, clinic, or hospital can improve productivity, save costs, and most importantly, enhance patient care. Also visit the WAPA Resource Center for more information and tips on hiring a PA.

WAPA offers several opportunities to employers looking to hire a PA:

  • Advertise in WAPA's publication, The Spectator

  • Post your job opportunities online

  • Contact Wisconsin’s PA Programs

  • Exhibit at WAPA’s Spring and Fall conferences

Advertising Rates

Six weeks of online advertising - $250

To change an ad that has already been posted - $50