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2020 Board of Directors: Nomination Form
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Nominations are now open for the WAPA Board and HOD!

A message from our President-Elect

The WAPA election season is upon us. This year the positions of President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Eastern Region Director and 6 members for the AAPA House of Delegates are open for nomination. President-Elect is a three-year, successive position (year one is President-Elect, year two is President, year 3 is Immediate Past President). The Eastern Regional Director and Secretary/Treasurer positions each have a two-year term length. HOD directors will serve in the House of Delegates in 2021 in Philadelphia.

It’s hard to believe it has been almost a year since I self-nominated for the position of President-Elect. I ran for the position because I thought I could make a difference helping get the CARES Act through the legislature and passed. WAPA needs more members to step up and carry forward with policy and advocacy. If you have been on the fence about whether to run, I encourage you to step over the fence and enter your self-nomination.

Roger Lovelace, PA-C

WAPA President-Elect

General Requirements 

All elected Board members are required to attend three-fourths (3/4) of all officially designated Board and Academy meetings. Candidates must be members of WAPA in good standing. 

In accordance with WAPA bylaws, the nomination window will close on Monday, February 3, or 60 days prior to the Member Business Meeting that will occur at Spring Conference in Madison. 

Nominees are being sought for the following positions:


This is a three-year, progressive position, serving as the President-Elect in year one, the President in year two and the Immediate Past-President in year three. Candidates for this position must be members of WAPA, in addition to Fellow members of AAPA.

  • The President-Elect position is a voting one, and assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  • The President is the Academy leader, administrator, and presides at all business meetings of the Academy and the Board. The President only votes in the event of a tie or deadlock among the voting Board members.
  • The Immediate Past President is a voting member, serving a 1-year term. 


This two-year, voting position is responsible for providing routine financial reports to the board and membership, and ensuring that an external audit of the Academy's finances is conducted every three years. 

Eastern Region Representative 

Regional representatives are voting Board members with two-year terms who are responsible for maintaining open communication between the general membership of his/her respective region, and the Board of Directors. They are expected to be familiar with the workings of the Acadmey and the issues it confronts. 

WAPA House of Delegates 

Delegates to the AAPA HOD are responsible for representing the will of the membership at the AAPA HOD. The 2021 AAPA HOD meeting will occur on May 21-23 in Philadelphia. The Chief Delegate is the candidate who receives the highest number of votes. The Chief Delegate is responsible for soliciting input from the WAPA Board, fellow delegates, committees and general membership on the resolutions before the AAPA HOD. To be eligble for the Chief Delegate position, candidates must be members of WAPA, in addition to Fellow members of AAPA.