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What Physicians Should Know
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Why Hire A PA?
Physician assistants, or PAs, are licensed health care professionals who are trained in the medical model and credentialed to practice medicine with physician supervision. The physician-PA team is effective because of the similarities in physician and PA training and the PA profession’s commitment to practice with supervision. By hiring a PA, practices, clinics and hospitals can function more fully and enhance accessibility to care for patients.

PA practice is centered on patient care, and may involve educational, research and administrative activities. Some benefits of working with a PA include:

  • A practice can significantly increase the number of patients served in a day.
  • A practice can expand office hours to serve working families, or extend a practice by opening a satellite office.PAs can diagnose patients, write prescriptions, and council patients on preventive health strategies under a physician’s direction.
  • PAs can lighten the workload considerably, allowing physicians more time for research, special cases, personal and family time.
  • PAs can provide quality medical care in the face of medical staff shortages.
  • PAs can provide patients with quality medical care on a daily basis with limited supervision.

Cost Savings of working with a PA

The utilization of PAs in a practice can result in cost savings to patients, third party payers, Medicare and Medicaid and to the practice or facility in which the PA is supervised.