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camPAign for PAin
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What is camPAign for PAin?

WAPA has embarked on a new venture called the CamPAign for PAin. This is a PA driven project to help educate PAs on chronic pain management and safe opioid prescribing. This project includes the development of educational materials for both patients and PAs. WAPA wants PAs to lead the way in combating the opiate epidemic in Wisconsin--and will continue to provide you info and tools around this topic.

Thank you to everyone who took our survey regarding opiate prescribing habits of PAs in Wisconsin, this survey data demonstrated that PAs are safe opioid prescribers and are very interested in learning more regarding opioids and pain management. Read the entire survey results here: 2017 Opioid Prescribing Assessment (HOPE) 

How can PAs learn more?

In November of 2016, the Medical Examining Board issued an Emergency Rule regarding opioid prescribing CME. Physicians who prescribe opiates are required to complete 2 hours of CME per biennium. While PAs were not directly named in this rule, there is the potential for legislation with a similar requirement for us. As opioid prescribers, PAs should aspire to the same level of training as our colleagues. To do so, WAPA has obtained this list of CME programs that fulfill this requirement and have been approved by the Wisconsin Medical Examining Board. Most major health care systems in the state offer this CME training. If yours doesn't, please check out one of the links below.

Medical Assisted Therapy--MAT: Get Your Waiver Today (Free From AAPA!)

What resources are out there?

camPAign for PAin Events:

  • 2018 WAPA Spring Conference CME:
  • "What happens to those pills after you sign the prescription?" Det. Chris Kohl
  • "Implementing CDC & WI State opioid guidelines" Dr. Nileshkumar Patel*
  • "Nonpharmacologic treatment options for chronic pain" Dr. Nileshkumar Patel*
  • *Attendees to both lectures will fulfill the recommended 2CME in Opioid Prescribing
  • Winter 2017-Spring 2018: WAPA Regional Meeting with "Rethinking Chronic Pain" presentations
  • 2017 WAPA Fall Conference: Programming on Chronic Pain