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Past Presidents

Proudly, the Wisconsin Academy of Physician Assistants has provided four decades of representation, advocacy and education to the physician assistant profession in Wisconsin. WAPA’s ongoing success can be attributed to the significant contributions made by the numerous volunteers who have led the organization:


2017-18 Tara Streit, PA-C
2017-18 Eric Elliot, PA-C
2016-17 Paula Havisto, MS, PA-C
2015-16 Christine Longoria, PA-C
2014-15 Clark Collins, MPAS, PA-C
2013-14 James Ginter, MPAS, PA-C
2012-13 Jeff Oryall, MS, PA-C
2011-12 David Wilson, PA-C
2010-11 Clark Collins, MPAS, PA-C
2009-10 Norine Friell, MPAS, PA-C
2008-09 James Ginter, MPAS, PA-C
2007-08 David Wilson, PA-C
2006-07 Mark F. McKinnon, MS, PA-C
2005-06 Robert J. Rennells, PA-C
2004-05 Jeff G. Nicholson, PhD, PA-C 
2003-04 Anne Hletko, PA-C
2002-03 Eric Garland, PA-C
2001-02 Jeff G. Nicholson, PhD, PA-C 
2000-01 Robert J. Rennells, PA-C
1999-00 Michael Conard, PA-C
1998-99 David A. Tuinstra, PA-C
1997-98 Paul S. Robinson, PA-C
1996-97 Paul S. Robinson, PA-C
1995-96 Richard Faust, PA-C
1994-95 Louis Falligant, PA-C
1993-94 Karen Berigan, PA-C
1992-93 Rosalie A. Murphy, PA-C
1991-92 David J. Eberdt, PA-C
1990-91 Rosalie A. Murphy, PA-C
1989-90 David M. Koskey, PA-C
1988-89 Rebecca Lehman, PA-C
1987-88 Ronald J. Wind, PA-C
1986-87 Daniel R. Robillard, PA-C
1985-86 Sue Rammer Milliken, PA-C
1984-85 Thomas Woods, PA-C
1983-84 Sue Rammer Milliken, PA-C
1982-83 Irwin D. Stickney, PA-C
1981-82 John McCarty, PA-C
1980-81 Tim Bauer, PA-C
1979-80 Robert Intress, PA-C
1978-79 Louis Falligant, PA-C
1977-78 Thomas F. Brosnahan, PA-C
1975-77 David E. Larson, PA-C
1973-74 Lesley R. Davis, PA-C (Wisconsin Society of PAs or WISPA)